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I'm Daniel Dafoe. I'm honest, enthusiastic, optimistic, hard-working, and quick-witted. Adjectives aside, what you'll first notice about me is that my ears perk up when I discuss web development, usability, and the English language—and even higher if there's pizza involved.

On the internet you will find write stories, contribute to open source, and make some money selling stickers and clothing I design.

Work Ethic

I don't run on AA batteries. Instead, I'm the kind of developer that runs on lithium ion rechargeable batteries. This kind of upgrade means that I can work harder and longer than alkaline-based developers, and, at times, only require a quick recharge (🍕) before finishing an arduous task.

Human Stuff

When I'm not manipulating pixels on a screen, I enjoy doing more humanlike activities. I love to read classic literature pre 1900s, write short stories, watch plays and musicals, and work on my personal fitness.

Oh! I'm also a self-described grammar advocate.



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